Do you know Housedelicre? Many people need financial help to acquire the dreamed property themselves, make that dream trip or even take out those old debts. What most of them do not know is that this is entirely possible. With Housedelicre you get a loan with property guarantee, and the best, everything done in an online way, just have a device connected to the internet. Do not waste time and find the best solutions for your dreams!

Many people fail to realize their dreams for lack of money and planning mistakes. Getting a loan at a conventional financial institution is an extremely difficult task and not everyone is so lucky. The secured loan with property is one of the best options in these cases, because the interest rates are very low, with values ‚Äč‚Äčthat reach 1% per month. Housedelicre works with the main banks in the country that finance all the loans made.

For you to end your doubts, the loan with property of guarantee is a modality of credit that is growing every year. This modality requires you to give your property as collateral for the bank or institution to release your credit. Payment times are longer and the interest rate is lower. It is very important that you study in advance if this credit is for you, because in case of non payment of the installments, your property may be lost.

What is and how does Housedelicre work?

What is and how does Housedelicre work?

Housedelicre is a company specialized in real estate credit, real estate financing and loan with property in guarantee. Through a fully online platform, you’ll find the best options for what you’re looking for. Before closing the deal, you have the option to make a simulation to know exactly all the rates and conditions for your credit.

Secured home loan is one of the credit modalities offered to anyone looking for credit to fulfill their dreams. With the emergence in the United States, this type of credit has dissipated worldwide, arriving quickly in Brazil. This type of loan requires that you give as collateral any property, be it commercial or residential, that is in your name. If you do not pay the installments of the loan, your property becomes the payment, that is, it ceases to be yours.

What does it take to get a secured loan?

There are only 3 steps you must take to get the credit you so badly need to accomplish your goals. See below:

  • Owning a property: You only need to own a property in your name and have all the documentation regularized, that is, deeds and purchase and sale documents in order;
  • Apply for the loan: With the documentation of the property in hand, you must request the loan you need with Housedelicre ;
  • Completion of the record: In this last step you must carefully fill out the pre-analysis form that the consultant will send to you.

After going through all these steps, Housedelicre’s credit counselors will review your credit request. The loans are offered with low interest rates: only 1% per month. Partner banks are the best and specialists in this type of credit.

The consultancies are held totally free and you should not pay anything for it. Consultants are specialized and trained. Once they evaluate your profile, they will tell you which bank best meets their expectations and needs. Another great advantage of acquiring this type of loan is that you do not need to justify yourself on how you will use it.

Documents needed to get a loan on Housedelicre

See the list of documents you must submit to get the secured loan.

Personal documents

  • RG, CPF and CNH within the validity period;
  • Birth certificate or marriage certificate;
  • Stable union declaration when applicable;
  • Proof of residence with a term of 30 days;
  • Last income tax return.

Property Documents

  • Updated property registration and deed;
  • IPTU card with the guides paid and when there is the declaration of the condominium;
  • 6 photos of the property, can be 3 internal photos and 3 external photos.

All the documentation that will be used for credit analysis can be consulted on this page.

Documents to obtain financing for property acquisition

Documents to obtain financing for property acquisition

One of the credits offered is the financing for you to acquire your property. Buying your property has never been easier! See below the documents that you must present:

Personal documentation

  • CPF and RG;
  • Birth or marriage certificate when applicable;
  • Proof of residence with a term of 30 days.

Documentation for proof of income

Salaried, retired and civil servants

  • The last 3 pay stubs or receipt;
  • Last year’s income tax return;
  • Copy of the work permit, especially the sheets with the current job admission date.

Trader, industrialist and businessman

  • Extract of the last 6 months of work;
  • Social contract with the last amendment;
  • Counter statement reporting all last year’s billing.

Freelance and autonomous professional

  • Bank statement of the last 6 months;
  • Proof of membership in the class entity;
  • Proof of professional activity for at least 4 years;
  • Employment contracts, income tax return or declaration of the service provider.

Access the Housedelicre website today and find out how easy it is to finance your property!